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  1. Looking at memory usage in the Windows Task Manager, memory is usually around 2-3GB after loading a game, but every time I load any save, the memory usage increases by 1-2GB and only rarely does it go back down. I'm on Windows 10
  2. I think a sad sound would be distracting in a larger village, but it would be nice to see the dead beaver's stats for longer - they disappear too quick! A neat (but probably unnecessary) bonus would be to be able to see the list of contributions any beaver has given to the community. If dead beavers are given a resting place, you'd be able to browse your community's history. A feature I think would fit: beavers are saddened for a while (causing slightly slower work or walk speeds) whenever any beaver that is a "friend" dies, their friends list probably influenced by those who are hou
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