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  1. Sorry for the walls of text, I got a bit too excited about the game 😦, and thanks again to the devs for your work! I'm thinking about buying the game as soon as it hits on early access, and look forward to see where the Dev team will take it. It seems to have a lot of potential, and the setting has a charm of its own.
  2. Ideas beyond the actually-existing game - Low-tech beavers: On the 'mudtech' note, are there plans for a 'low-tech' faction? The standard beavers on the demo seem to have a kind of european/american 17-18th century level of development, and the "iron" beavers seem to have more of an 19th century vibe. I was thinking about going in the other direction, with labour-heavy buildings and techniques, and a faction that worked around that - "diggers" of sorts; with a higher stamina/labour efficiency, but with less access to "advanced" technology and more labour-intensive techniques; They could have a
  3. Stairs - Stairs, pt.1: I'd guess the research cost of stairs in the demo was tweaked so that the gameplay verticality would take a bit to set in, especially because both maps are not so vertical-heavy; building and organizing things horizontally in the tutorial helps to get the basic "surviving" mechanics running before one can start thinking about heavy landscaping, building-stacking and dam-making. Also, for a demo, if stairs were too cheap, one'd just plonk lots of stairs everywhere on the plains map for a very transport-inneficient but dead-lumber-rich first wet season. - Stairs, pt.2
  4. Lumber/trees - Trees: Not having many options besides birch trees make the demo hard, but I think some of the "exaggerated" pressure I saw some people report and complain on steam stems more from the two-season constraint (and the frustration therof caused); it's hard to chop and/or plant enough wood effectively enough to do absolutely *EVERYTHING* on the demo, but.. that's the point of a demo, not having everything. As for the other types of trees, I read someone commenting about gatekeeping them with science; I agree that that would be a good idea, since otherwise it might be harder to justi
  5. Hello, and first of all, thank you for the kindness of offering a free demo. As an old-ish person, I missed the times when we could get a taste of a game without much trouble (besides stacks of demo cds, hah) and without pirating. I thought a bit about the game, both after browsing the forums and the steam community; had somethings that I didn't see registered, and decided to post them here. Going to break them up on topics so that they might be easier to keep up with. So I'll try to not raise the same points - order of building/worker allocation, dismantling vs destroying, mirrorring buildi
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