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  1. On 2/9/2021 at 4:05 AM, RisingSwell said:

    Also, that's more of a planning failure; you did that to yourself.

    Any building game that takes itself remotely seriously has a priority feature. You shouldn't have to plan your base in the exact order you want things built. You should be able to set the priorities after the fact, or at the very least, direct individual builders toward building it first.

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  2. Let me start off by saying I am a seasoned veteran of (city) building games. Some things that I expect or find logical might not match with a player newer to the genre.

    - The night is wayyy too dark, and as far as I can tell, completely useless. There is nothing to do but skip through it. Maybe some professions can work in the night (instead of day)? Perhaps some lights can be added for nightly atmosphere? Torches? Ambient fireflies?

    - The player should really start with at least SOME science points available, or at the very least, the ramp unlocked. In a game about building vertically, and a game with raised terraces which the beavers cannot climb, players should get access to at least one way of getting up or down. The fact that the demo begins with a preconstructed hut which utilizes a ramp, makes this all the more confusing and illogical. Then having to grind 70(!) science points for such a simple building.. it made me go "really?!?".

    - When placing down a flag or hut, you should really get clear indicators of where flags/huts of the same type are, and what their range is. The lack of this essential feature makes efficient planning hard.

    - There should be a way to prioritize building one thing over another. I can plan a bit of path, but the player should have a way of saying "never mind, THIS building is more important. Go for that one first". You know, when your entire colony is starving and you really need to get your freshly researched ramp to get to the next terrace for berries. The same goes for any task other than building, really. Prioritizing cutting one forested area over another. One farmland over another.

    -When you have little beavers in your town, it seems to not be possible to switch, for example, a builder from their hut to another flag? You need to disable all buildings one by one, until they got the job you want them to have, then re-enable all the buildings..? It made me go "REALLY?!"

    -The tutorial should really cover farming and especially power generation. You can't just lock even the simplest ramp behind the powered woodworking building and expect new players to just figure it out.

    -If vertical building is to be encouraged, perhaps beavers should become happier or more productive the higher up they are. Perhaps floods could create the need to build higher up, if you plan on surviving. Oh, and vertical power shafts are an absolute must.

    - - -

    Furthermore, I think 'science points' are a really barebones way to do tech tree advancements in these types of games. Instead of an investment, it becomes just another flow of a specialized resource on the background, without much planning or interaction. Science is just "there", trickling in. I think specific techs should be researched, and those should cost resources instead of a universal science point. Want better farming? Be prepared to invest some berries. Better axes? Invest planks. Automation machines? Plop some gears in (which require metal). This type of resource ensures a resource sink if you want to progress, and encourages the player to sometimes change their economy management in order to progress towards a certain direction in the tech tree.

    Oh, and this one is a little nitpicky, but a game about beavers building wooden structures and dams, and they're not even using their teeth to drill into the wood? I must say I am a little disappointed.

    I adore the concept of this game. But it needs a LOT of work on even the core game loop to not be the zillionth colony manager clone with vertical building as an added gimmick. Careful not to fall into the trap of Stonehearth, where the main game loop is staring at the screen with speed on max. Don't be afraid to make the crafting trees a tad more complicated, in these types of games you have all the time on your hands to think about your production chain.

    And please, please, don't release the game until it is quite finished, and interesting to play until the late game. I and many others have been disappointed so many times by devs rushing out a release. I'd rather wait until 2023 to play a fleshed out game for 40 bucks, than picking up an unpolished, unfinished skeleton of an ambitious vision later this year.

    Good luck and thank you for bringing out a demo! I'll be wishlisting and waiting for release.




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