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  1. Any building game that takes itself remotely seriously has a priority feature. You shouldn't have to plan your base in the exact order you want things built. You should be able to set the priorities after the fact, or at the very least, direct individual builders toward building it first.
  2. Let me start off by saying I am a seasoned veteran of (city) building games. Some things that I expect or find logical might not match with a player newer to the genre. - The night is wayyy too dark, and as far as I can tell, completely useless. There is nothing to do but skip through it. Maybe some professions can work in the night (instead of day)? Perhaps some lights can be added for nightly atmosphere? Torches? Ambient fireflies? - The player should really start with at least SOME science points available, or at the very least, the ramp unlocked. In a game about building vertical
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