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  1. Well, this is a feature. If you build (or try to) normal shafts under Raised Shafts or Footbridges, then it is hard to see them. So if you hold Alt, the top part disappears to show what is underneath.
  2. I upload your save and player log for completeness. Exception_save_2020-01-24_16h53m_Day_200.json Player (27).log
  3. Thank you! We will take a look into it.
  4. Hi! Thanks for submitting a bug. We believe this crash is connected with building emptying. Could you please confirm it for us? If you delete a Log pile that is marked for emptying, then the game crashes. But if you first unmark it, then there is no crash.
  5. Try the workaround from #faq channel on Discord - restart Discord, then go to your Library by clicking the Discord icon in the top left corner. The game should be there. It's a bug in Discord but the workaround works for everyone. Unless you're on a 32-bit Windows which the game does not currently support.
  6. pmduda

    Game crash

    Could you please attach them one more time as they are listed as Unavailable?
  7. The first one is somehow connected to beaver trying to build already finished Lido. We will investigate further. The second one was easy to reproduce - so I put it on our ToDo. Thanks!
  8. Camera rotation and movement is unconstrained apart from minimal and maximal angles. It results in camera being able to go underground or inside models (buildings, beavers). We are aware of this and we plan to fix it in one of our future builds.
  9. New logic should also take a look at placing buildings in rectangle group at once (Scaffolding). Although rare, there are situations when construction is not finished, because other constructions were finished first and blocked access.
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