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  1. The water is probably going out of main river bank and flowing back outside of the map.
  2. What version of the game are you playing? (it is stated in top right corner next to speed controls)
  3. Sorry for the super late reply, but atm we do not support modding - but it is on our TODO list.
  4. Hotfix went live, so I hope no more such unpleasant surprises 🙂
  5. If the window freezes during loading please give the game a while max 5 minutes - it should load eventually.
  6. They can swim, but they hate it because water in Timberborn is polluted. So they had to adapt!
  7. There is an option in setting for this 🙂
  8. You can click on the notifocation on the left to cycle through affected beavers/buildings 🙂
  9. Maybe your log pile is full? But as Anton said, post a screenshot or two
  10. Demolishing is done by builders and building has higher priority. So maybe they were occupied with building buildings?
  11. Give it some time please. Even if it says that game is not responding. But is should not be longer than 5 minutes.
  12. This is a progress bar till adulthood 😉
  13. As for now this is intended, however might change in future and thanks for reporting 🙂
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