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  1. Well, there are some modders already on our Discords who don't need our support, so feel free to check modding channel.
  2. Could you please describe what is exactly happening? And what version of the game have you installed?
  3. They should eat carrots, but potatoes need processing. Could you please provide us with a screenshot or a save game?
  4. If you are using Linux and the game crashes during loading - then please update to the newest version, as there was a fix for it. If cllicking Load/Continue just does nothing, please make sure Timberborn.exe and Timberborn folder is whitelisted in your antivirus (ie. whitelist with controlled folder access in windows defender)
  5. What it is full with? Some food, like potatos, need processing.
  6. It has. You need to play Folktails. If it's not enabled, you can reenable it in settings
  7. You need to wait for Early Access. Currently it is not possible to add a custom map to demo.
  8. Maybe the warehouses are full?
  9. Looks like you managed to pause/make a save game while he was moving his things between slots 😉 As soon as I load this game and hit play, Lujin leaves one slot. Can you confirm?
  10. Thanks! We will fix it at some point 🙂
  11. Well, this one is unintended. Thanks for reporting!
  12. Thanks! We will look into it 🙂
  13. The water is probably going out of main river bank and flowing back outside of the map.
  14. What version of the game are you playing? (it is stated in top right corner next to speed controls)
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