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  1. I totally agree with you Rock5, I would buy it already even if it was in Beta version, without limit of droughts or as the games were. If there is something I like is to play a game, give it a pause time, see that they release an update and play again. I love that! 🤣
  2. What I always see is that they make a balance of materials, whether it's wood or water, between the different types of warehouses. I don't see it so bad, because in some games I have had my main warehouses in the city, and other separate ones for other water collectors, and thanks to that in the city there was always water. With wood, what I have done other times is to manage the space. In the main warehouse I left everything as it was, and in the secondary one I put a limit of 20 or 30 logs, and the beavers managed them. You can always put some deposit or warehouse in "empty everything" s
  3. Whether I agree and disagree. As Rock5 says, if you do a good resource management, you don't have to have any problem. I have finished games with an incredible excess of wood, as long as you manage well and get the forester as soon as possible. As for the resource return, I more than agree, many times I put on pause the constructions that I'm not sure just to make sure it's what I really want. And it hurts me the most when I build dams and have to destroy them to make way for water. Cheers!
  4. That's what I was thinking, but I thought I'd ask just in case so I know what to expect if I repeat the process. 🤣 The bad thing then, if you want a mega water reservoir, is to have to surround it with walls or use explosives. That if I want to try it 🤣, but with the demo it will be impossible for time. Thanks!
  5. Good morning! I have been building a mega dam as you can see in the picture, but to my surprise, it does not fill with water as it is all closed. Can it be because it is at the edge of the map or is it a failure of the map? I would find it strange that, closing everything, it is as if there was no water flow, even having one side open to the outside. Greetings!
  6. Well, after some time of testing and testing, I finally managed to enlarge my dam even more. But to my misfortune, it doesn't fill up. I don't know if it's because I'm on the edge of the map or what, but it doesn't fill up. 😢 At least I am consoled to know that I was able to finish it before the arrival of the 2nd drought... 🤣
  7. During my many games of this game that I have loved, I have noticed an essential flaw during the game: the food. At the beginning, I found it difficult to keep my food reserves, between berries and carrots I didn't make much progress, and in the dry season I had to have plenty of food in order not to end up starving in my village. But, as I played more and more games, I learned to build the dams and keep the rivers blocked for the dry season. What did that allow me to do with food? I no longer had a pause in food production. And after seeing how my food never stopped growing with the rive
  8. Hello! In a building game, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to always make sure you have the primary resources you need, otherwise you're done for. In this game, the valuable resources are wood and water, because if you have wood, you have any building, and if you have water, you have food to spare. So, how to secure both resources at the beginning of a game? In the case of wood, it's easy, with the forester. But as you say, first you have to get boards and build it. My advice? Don't beat around the bush and try to get the forester as soon as possible. It's the first thing
  9. This is what my town looked like during the 2nd drought. I have water to give and give away. Next target? Well, I would like to make a river that runs along the red line until it falls back into the original river. Developers, could you leave me in the demo a couple of more droughts to see if I can achieve it. 🤣 Greetings!!!
  10. Well people, in the next game I set out to make the mega dam, and fortunately I was able to finish it ^^ It has taken me more work than I thought, and the poor beavers have been working for a couple of days without a break, they are exhausted. But here is my complete dam. When the drought comes, I will not only have my reservoirs full, but the upper river at 3 levels of water, plus the lower river which I will also block. I think I will have plenty of water for the entire 2nd drought. 🤣 I encourage you to try this as well, as it gave me a couple of headaches, but I real
  11. I would find this concept of funerals a perfect idea, super curious. Already the mere fact of cemeteries or graves would be a good addition, but if there are also social and cultural actions about it would be even better. 🤣 +1 to that.
  12. Hello everyone! I had to comment it, I have finished (again) the demo in the 2nd map, but I had never finished as I have finished in this game... It amazes me how I got there! Note well that I have a population of over 50 beavers, and while it is true that the water is on its last legs, I'm also about to end the drought. I don't know how, in the last 5 days of the game, they started to breed like crazy, going from 41 to more than 50, a barbarity... 🤣 The only thing I regret is that in the demo it ends from the 2nd drought, because I was about to start running my own exp
  13. As many have already said, I am in love with this game. I loved the demo, and while it's true it still has some bugs to fix, I really like the mechanics, the style is amazing, I love it. When do you plan to release the early access? Because I have it on my wishlist in 1st position and I can't wait to play it 🤤 Greetings and great job!
  14. It doesn't bother me that the land is tilled when they are crops, but when it comes to trees ... I prefer to think that they are not in order but a little more to the natural, to the wild 🤣
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