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  1. .... That they arent enough people making beaver jokes. I saw only one dam joke on this site and it was a dev. Yall need to pick up the pace. 😀
  2. Im at the second dry season, ive built the firepit and a few other things, and my settlement has reached a bit above 20 beavers. Im noticing when they're happy, the population grows faster, so might try building the firepit if you want the population to grow. Life expectancy also contributes to things, so make more woodpiles, warehouses, and water tanks around the map so they have easy access to such things. The tutorial needs more work tho, as a suggestion, I'd fine tune that a bit so it explains more.
  3. nope, it was within range of the original structure, BUT I solved it by accidentally doing what the other guy suggested. We had the drought coming, so I figured out how to shut down buildings(by pausing them) and the beavers began paying attention to other projects.
  4. I dont know if I'm doing something wrong, but I found a section of debris blocking the water and having the little section get broken open would mean water flooding into an area that would give me a LOT more room for crops, complete must for me getting that cleared out, but even after clicking on it and telling it to be destroyed, its not happening and easily 2 weeks of in game time has passed and still no beavers are taking a crack at getting rid of it. Is there something I'm not doing? do I need dynamite(I noticed that was a thing)? If it needs dynamite, a statement that destroying the debri
  5. ..... I wasn't aware there was any way at all for me to assign them.... I literally thought they assigned themselves. I was actually on here to complain that I couldn't specifically assign them. Ive got a dry season coming and I want to assign a bunch of beavers to building water tanks, but I cant seem to find how to do that. I was just cancelling buildings so my workers would concentrate on the buildings that I need built and Ill just try to build the others later.
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