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  1. Could we get the gristmill and more time to build with this patch as well? The game is incredible, but now after weeks the demo feels too short to have fun!
  2. I think water towers are really unnecessary. If you want to water your crops, try busting a canal inland and building a damn. The damn will keep some water in the canals while the dry season. And the canals will keep your land usable. The water will evaporate still, but it doesn't seem to get used up quicker by "watering" the surroundings.
  3. Dear fellow beaver enthusiasts! I just managed to build a 2-z-level-damn in the demo. However, it was not really useful because once the first z-level dried up the pumps couldn't reach the water on the second z-level. In a game where building big dams is one of the coolest things to do, I believe the pumps should be able to get water from more z-levels than just one below. Otherwise, there is not really much of a point of build these huge contraptions, which would be a bummer. Loved the game flow otherwise! Side view of the damn: x = Damn w = Water
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