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  1. Is there a way to view the building queue all at once so I can see what I need to pause to get them to demolish the brush?
  2. Seems like gatherers and lumberjacks gather resources closest to the flag, not closest between the flag and the nearest drop point... To use your labor most efficiently, you need to use the flags inefficiently. I think it would be effective to automatically have them gather first from the resource that is closest to a drop point within the flag radius
  3. ok they finally did it... must have been something I was not managing effectively....
  4. also applies to bushes and tree stumps...
  5. Looks like my water wheel started spinning one way then switched to match the direction of the water flow. Shafts got hooked up afterwards but still spin the wrong way
  6. Not sure if I'm missing some requirement, but my beavers refuse to demolish the targeted block...
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