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  1. Yes, totally agree. Maybe there could be some type of manager that the play can employ or enable that takes over this annoying micro management of - in this case - job assignment. It would need to be accessible after reaching a certain number of beavers, e.g. 30 or after covering a certain area with buildings. That manager should then assign a position to the closest-living beaver, with absolutely avoiding that some beavers are "left-over" and cannot be assigned or have the longest possible path to work.
  2. Hey, what's in the new patch from some minutes ago? 🙂
  3. Game doesn't really ends in Steam when I press Exit. I had to manually kill the game and restart Steam. (using Timberborn demo-win64-297-541c5c9)
  4. (using Timberborn demo-win64-297-541c5c9)
  5. Hi, I noticed that there is the "100%" sign as well as "paused" symbols above buildings, and "starving" or "thirsty" symbols above beavers. It would be nice to have as well Building lacks workers Construction lacks workers symbols above buildings to see which building is meant by the warning. and for beavers: Idle / not doing anything (because there are e.g. no trees to cut doen for the lumberjack) currrent target (where are they heading) - display above the building the beaver is going to when I click the beaver Best, Metakeks
  6. Yes, that sounds awesome @MasterChief
  7. Metakeks

    Display bugs

    Found out that this is the "News" panel. I would suggest to not show it while there are no news yet.
  8. Metakeks

    Display bugs

    Hi, I have a green rectangle at the bottom left side of my screen during the game. Best, Metakeks (using Timberborn demo-win64-297-541c5c9)
  9. Hi, all my small children beavers have the tag "Adulthood" in their "character display", although their are 3 days old or so and don't work yet. I guess it shoud say "Childhood"? Best, Metakeks (using Timberborn demo-win64-297-541c5c9)
  10. (using Timberborn demo-win64-297-541c5c9)
  11. Hi, I would appreciate a less steep camera view so I can actually watch my beavers and buildings from the side. When I turn the camera like that, it always jumps back to the steeper position. Best, Metakeks
  12. Hi, this game looks very promising! A few remarks about the menu: In the settings, a "Set back to default" button would be nice. When I tab into another window from the menu and tab back in, menu music is gone. The loading screen picture is beautiful. Notes: I am using Windows 10. Best, Metakeks
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