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  1. I also noticed that. I like the idea of the newly planted areas being tilled dirt, but maybe after a few years in game it fades. It's a bit visually awkward to have tilled and untilled patched for instance when filling in blueberry fields
  2. Last game I built a workshop and set the plant limit to 10. I set the limit to 10 at my storehouse, but then when I built a second storehouse, before I knew it I accidentally had 80 logs. Is it possible to add a limit system that allows the carpenter to realize hey, there's already 20 planks throughout the warehouses, I won't build anymore! There are similar limits in Banished and it allows you to not accidentally use up valuable resources to make another resource. Essentially I was accidentally burning through all of my logs to make planks which I barely needed.
  3. The debris may be out of range. I've noticed that the best way to increase range for all resources is just build roads as far as you can. The roads don't cost anything, so it's just a time commitment from your builders.
  4. Not OP, but I also found that my beaver population was very stable, hardly increasing much over the two dry seasons. I think the Max number of beavers I've ever had was 18, which was one of my first games where I prioritized houses right off the bat. In subsequent games, I've built the houses slowly, as they don't seem to matter beyond increasing population. I think the one child limit on the houses makes the increase just very slow compared to other similar games is all.
  5. Yeah I came to the same conclusion. I haven't figure out how to use the explosives, but just building a dam seemed to alleviate the issue because I haven't built anything too far away from the river. I can just plan to plant all my crops within the green zone during drought. Still, with enough time to move inland, I feel like towers could be useful, but not if they are going to be filled at the expense of drinking water. It doesn't make sense to me having the beavers spend time shifting water around from tank to tank. I've had 4 small tanks next to eachother and the beavers will take water fro
  6. Somewhere in one of these posts of people talking about why the beavers aren't in the water, it was mentioned that the water is polluted and that's why the beavers aren't in the water. I think they said it was in the description of the pump station... And also the loading screen appears to have a decaying overpass or something. Anyway If that's the case, it would be neat to have some kind of color difference between wild water and purified water. It doesn't have to be nasty brown, but maybe you could have bits of stuff floating in it, which create deposits of salvageable scrap downstream, or m
  7. I also felt like dry season content was just watching the game play out at 7x speed until water returned. One thing I think that could help dry season content is being able to scale back water usage by limiting the hours the beavers work in a day. It could be one way to pull yourself through an otherwise long dry season, if fewer work hours leads to decreased water consumption. Perhaps another resource not dependant on water that we could use to build stuff with during dry season. Stone, maybe, to build aqueducts or wells? Wells could have greatly reduced water output during dry season because
  8. So I just completed a game where I made it through both dry seasons. What I noticed was that the water consumption rates of the beavers seemed SO FAST. Going into the dry season I had ~400 water stored up, and 15 tanks. One for every beaver in my colony at that time. I had a small section dammed off, so I was able to pump a little bit more water as the drought started. By the end of the 10 years, the beavers had drank ALL of that water. I thought perhaps if I set their work hours to zero their water consumption would decrease, but I'm not sure if that was the case or not. Still, the beavers we
  9. Specifically, it feels like a bug because it would have been nice if this was time the beavers spent just filling the tanks instead.
  10. This game, I built a few small water tanks right next to each other to prepare for the dry season. At one point, rather than go get new water, the beavers were choosing to shift water around from those five tanks. this resulted in them filling a couple to 100% by using the other tanks water, then they went back and took that water to even all the tanks out so they were the same height. Not really sure what to say about that, but it feels like a bug?
  11. Hmm, ok. I looked but didn't see it. I will have to look again.
  12. So I had my whole colony die last night and to the best of my ability to figure out why, it was because the beavers kept stealing water from their personal water tanks to try to refill the water towers I'd set up to keep my crops over the dry season. I watched one worker repeatedly empty the same small tank, despite a water pumping station being only 3 more tiles further. I feel like this is a bad decision making proccess overall, because the water towers drain so fast, it's nearly impossible to keep the small reservoirs filled if the workers continually take from them for the towers.
  13. Just a few things I noticed in my first playthrough: Visuals: -When beavers need food, the yellow bread on an orange background is hard to see what it is without zooming all the way in. -When water tank is full, the symbol is likewise difficult to see when zoomed out. -No visual indication that my supplies of food were low on any storage buildings. User interface: -Could really, really use moveable interface pieces. My screen is quite large, so it's very easy to lose the status bars for things. I definitely let my beavers starve to death my first runthrough because I didn'
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