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  1. Are we going to have water purifier so that I can build Beaver Water Park?
  2. Just want to reply here that yes, the 2nd dry season in the demo was intentionally very, very long. The dev said it in the livestream.
  3. This is available in the setting though. (I played OSX version, idk about Windows)
  4. Yeah. I understand that the point is to have a dam-ed river or irrigation system and this feedback is kinda "not how it should be played". But that's correct. The river is dry, and I only have enough water in the water tank for the population to survive but not for any irrigation. So in that case, it's just waiting game because I cannot grow tree, farms, etc, etc.
  5. So I just played the demo today. The first game I failed because I didn't know the second dry season are much longer. For my second game, I stocked enough food and water (~30 small water tank) to last the entire dry season, but I failed to construct a dam in time. Once I used up all my log supply a few day into the season the rest of 10+ days of dry season is just a waiting game on 7x speed because there nothing I can do at all. Not sure if the dry season is specifically long on the demo, but if it's this long I wish I could speed up time faster, etc.
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