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  1. As it is, there really needs to be an easier way to assign jobs to beavers. It's really difficult to find eligible beavers (within the distance of the building) and then also manage to get them to transfer to the job you want, and then fill their vacancy with another beaver. I often find myself having to go into 3 or 4 different building UIs to shuffle them around into the places they need to be. I imagine that some sort of drag and drop functionality could work nicely? Whatever you do, it just needs to simplify the process of getting workers where I want them.
  2. As it stands right now, nothing happens at night as far as I'm aware? Maybe I've just not gotten far enough into the game yet. Either way, I think that some work should be done to make night more interesting gameplay wise. As it is, I always just jack the speed up to 7 once the sun's gone down. Give me beaver night life!!!
  3. Right as my beaver empire was collapsing due to starvation, I got to the point where the only immediately available food source was from some nearby unused berries. I placed the gatherers stand, it got built, but no one was willing to work at it. I closed every single job in the colony to try to get them to go to it but they just wouldn't. Either they aren't able to reach it and the game's just not indicating it to me, or this is some sort of bug.
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