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  1. There's a lot of people that like the "lumberpunk" aesthetic to the game. A lot of stone and mining and the game becomes a lot like every other colony sim out there. The other things, like some places being better/worse for farming and different food options, I like and I think have been suggested a few times.
  2. I suspect that a tutorial will be low on the priority list as long as there are major features to implement - don't want to have to change it to account for the changes with every new addition - but here's my tips and tricks guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AhmUivXDQBddi7VuBjPoSrTl4VdsgX4WZ_jVc41owP0/edit?usp=sharing. Perhaps it will help iron out some of those points of confusion while we wait.
  3. Other than the physics simulation continuing and beavers using the campfire, temple, and carousel, not much happens at night. What sort of things would you like to see beavers doing at night?
  4. I think something like a curved staircase would be useful, so you can go up and turn in a smaller area, and might help with the chunky slopes that you are talking about.
  5. When you say "there's nothing I can do at all", what do you mean by that? Is it because you had no water that you couldn't grow more trees?
  6. Two of the most annoying problems right now is the inability to limit the reproduction rate of your city and the inability to get jobless beavers to move near the available jobs. These two problems are right now in opposition to each other because they are linked through housing. If you don't build more lodges, the growth rate of your city is restricted, but the jobless beavers can't move near the available jobs. If you build enough housing near the available jobs, your population growth rate becomes exponential. I propose a simple solution: the Tent. It's a 1x2 structure, not solid so it
  7. I've created a short guide for people new to Timberborn. Hopefully it helps.
  8. Kyeudo

    Big Tree Valley

    Update to fix a few things. Big Tree Valley.json
  9. An option that could be interesting is terrain like sand and gravel that allows some amount of water through. Perhaps gravel lets all water through, despite being a walkable tile for beavers, while sand allows through only a trickle, so it mostly diverts water but some still spills through and floods the terrain behind it.
  10. A possible addition would be different tiers of irrigation. Right now, irrigation is just a binary irrigated/dry state. However, there could be more tiers like muddy, damp, moist, and dry, with certain crops requiring more or less irrigation. Perhaps wheat requires the maximum level of irrigation, carrots the next down, and potatoes can grow in almost dry conditions. Getting to the highest level of irrigation would require planting either very close to the river or else overlapping the radius of irrigation towers.
  11. A useful map making feature would be areas that are permanently unable to grow anything, even if there's water nearby. It would be an additional tool to shape player behavior to the map The best visual I can think of would be salt flats.
  12. Alternate fix: If you haven't modified the terrain in your game with dynamite yet, you can edit the Canyon map in the map editor, fill those two tiles, save it as mk2, then start a new game on the modified map. Save that new game, open the new saved game in a text editor, and copy the height map line. Replace that height map line in your current game's save file and then load it. The terrain should change.
  13. Kyeudo

    Big Tree Valley

    Bored at work + an idea from my wife = Something fairly pretty Big Tree Valley.json
  14. Does the game currently support or plan to support modding? If it already does, how would one go about starting in on that?
  15. Right now, there is no real reason not to chop down every tree on the map. Log piles are cheap and trees don't provide anything except logs. However, it's pretty easy to conceive of fruit trees that gatherers can pick as an alternative to blueberry bushes and flowering trees that provide a natural source of aesthetics. Apple trees and magnolias are just two possibilities - pick your favorite fruit and flowering trees. This could even play into Fancy Beavers a bit, with them needing to preserve those natural aesthetics trees until they can plant shrubbery.
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