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  1. Overall as stated before, in the end resources are no longer an issue, so balance needs work. Eager beavers felt not different from regular beavers. Just saying. The main issue for me is procreation, can't build homes for everyone or unrestricted population explosion kills me. The goal was actually not the beaver unlock (that just happened in the end because it was easy) but trying how far the landscape could be transformed. So beavers migrated far upriver. Overall some praise - I did not have a single crash. With too many beavers and water works, framerate dropped and 7x was no longer pl
  2. In construction menu e.g. tooltip for campfire states it needs natural ground (maybe makes sense, fire on a wood floor...). So it can't be constructed on other buildings, bridges, levees. Temple is another example. There is no error message when trying to place ("natural ground required"), the building just gets red. Levees can only be built on ground or other levees, but not e.g. on buildings or dams. This is not stated anywhere. (Side note: Levees also count as buildings, so there's no way to fill a gap in the floor and make it ground again). Also levee just vanishes when trying t
  3. On canyon map water enters over several tiles, but there are 2 regular tiles 1 level lower than the riverbank besides the spawn points. See screenshot at the right border. If I build a dam downriver up to river bank level, water actually flows backwards over these lower tiles, out of the map. As a consequence the river current is no longer strong enough to power the water wheel or get over another dam downriver, which is why I noticed it in the first place.
  4. Population growth is too simplistic and goes through the roof. Growth seems linked to absolute numbers - houses with room for child, fertility through absolute happiness - very bad idea. Kept playing the 70+ game; suddenly population exploded, 220 guys with 100+ homeless and 88 jobless beavers. Happiness still around 6. it seems to me that formula depends on (empty child spots) * procreation%(happiness), this will grow quadratic. this population explosion cleared out both food and water supplies. Not that it stopped playing - happiness stayed high and procreation nega
  5. If you refer to the last screen, this is my stock without lots of open projects. Industry is at a standstill because of the dry period, so all power user buildings take a break for a few days. (there is water in the river, but standing still, so no power production). The only delay here is with producing more gears, but hey, I can wait a few days. The hauler building is marvelous to give jobless beavers a task, and I can use the time to haul logs upriver. Otherwise someone else stated that beavers usually don't move for jobs. My main problem is that I can't really use a lot more workers r
  6. simulation works fine; the problem is to get meaningful statistics. Right now given numbers may be wildly misleading or partial. Farming production is a good example; I tried to estimate it in the "survival" thread. The problem is a new player needs decent numbers when he's setting up production, because this is nothing he can correct easily. Hindsight statistics are great for finetuning - I could imagine a breakdown in the building about how workers spent their time. A better example might be Kingdoms and Castles, where they had more workers per building. They simulate logistics, but th
  7. A job- and homeless beaver committed suicide by rushing to an enclosed spot seconds before a building was finished. Stupid, but nice skull remains. There are work arounds for many usability issues mentioned in other posts, but polish as much as possible there. Found unmarked collection areas quickly this time and avoided priority issues, but those must be fixed for new players. the more dispersed my position is, the more I wish for a mini map. Currently it is still manageable with a still compact settlement
  8. Another run; this time reached the 70 pop threshold end of cycle 3. The basic game plan is the same. Changes: keep population lower at the beginning, by ignoring happiness and limiting home construction. Concentrate on fewer, essential buildings. Keep population centers tighter together and move quarters to non fertile land. Fertile land reserved mostly for food and trees. Construct first dam as far downriver as possible. cycle 1: ~15/3 pop. Start to log and gather; secure water supplies. some homes, research. Construct very few buildings; construct paths late to evade priority tra
  9. Here's a screen with the position core, can't zoom out further. The red boxes are intended construction sites that were abandoned or delayed for lack of material. Top left the final stages of a bridge to link farming to processing; and a water wheel intended for mill etc. Aside the field a large warehouse; to the right w/o box another farm to speed up food logistics. left border some lodgings for workers for the other riverbank.
  10. Second cycle I run into extreme resource shortages, which makes the game un-fun. Seriously. One reason is the whole wet / dry cycle that kills farming and stops production; together with the small strip of fertile land along the river which limits tree and food growth Cycle 2 I grow from (pop/happy): start 19/4 to begin dry period 46/6 to end dry period 50/6 While I feel I have lots of food production I actually get some small starvation issues. So I calculate production. 1st surprise - didn't read the fine print about carrots, it's 3 per 4 days, not 3 per 3. Actual
  11. The game makes strong use of cyclical events, par for survival / colonization games but not really groundbreaking. Usually I would have stopped playing long ago - starting phase is a puzzle to solve, but not really engaging because too much is hidden to be unlocked. Several events may kill or cripple the position, not least because Like FrostPunk or others I need to discard the idea of "control" and go for growth. Extremely frustrating is the inability to effortlessly prioritize construction and jobs. This leads to a lot of unnecessary micro management, worst case I notice delays to exec
  12. I don't like the whole unlocking system in its current state. The whole research part seems artificial, as all it does is to force players to unlock buildings. With the current cost it is annoying at game start, and obsolete after about season 4. You could as well tie unlocking buildings to population levels and use research for improved, more productive building versions. In FrostPunk research has tiers, continuous upgrades of buildings and productivity is something players have to be able to afford. It is a conscious decision to go for a new tier instead of actual tech. Research tiers a
  13. second this. I opened the dead end on the recommended map early; closed it with a dam as a reservoir during draught. a pump pulled it dry quickly. ups. OK next try - worked perfectly without pump next try - closed it too early, dried out during draught. Couldn't refill after, because river water level was not high enough to spill into the reservoir. All in all very unsatisfying.
  14. Currently the ability to use and change terrain comes late and hidden behind a huge pile of unlock. Also there are currently few advantages (irrigation apart), water is needed but otherwise hostile. I remember the old sim city games, which used height and different layers extensively (e.g. water, sewage, possibly electricity and traffic underground). Also, though it was expensive, players could lift or lower terrain from the start as far as I remember. It was cool to adapt and manipulate existing terrain to your needs. From a gameplay perspective this is one of my expectations with t
  15. Btw stock change might also be just clustered, display using an icon and values in range ( --, -, =, +, ++ ). Similar mechanic might work with farm workload.
  16. As a player I can't currently plan my economy with the data given. I can just watch supplies increase or decrease. Your statistics problems probably arise from simulating the economy instead of calculating it. Compare e.g. Northgard or FrostPunk, in both cases production is calculated and starts as soon as workers approach their job. Distance is irrelevant for productivity. There are multiple issues: Consumption is just estimated; I assume it is one per day for food and water but I don't know Idk how much resources are produced per day. I need an identical timeframe to compare
  17. While I assume consumption is 1 unit per beaver I don't really know. And production is even more opaque. E.g. water produces 3 water per run, but how many are produced per day?
  18. Swimming beavers for me relate to the overall player expectation. Currently beavers may be exchanged for humans without any loss or changes to the game. My expectation was some kind of terraforming to improve conditions for a semiaquatic race. Here they are purely land based. If I flood an area, they lose farming sites, or the ability to move - instead of improving it (like e.g. with canals instead of paths).
  19. Kingdoms & Castles has a drag&drop mechanic for jobs priorities (took me some time to use it correctly). Maybe have a look at this; for construction of buildings it could work even better. Construction labels can display categories and specific buildings. If you can display e.g. resources on the labels and an option to stop/resume construction in the list, it would become an efficient control center.
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