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  1. Not that changing to a calculated rather than simulated economy isn't something everyone would want. I love Northgard and Frostpunk but that Pharaoh simulated economy made a lot more sense and felt nicer to me. You'd just need to add daily cumulative totals showing up something like banished does. Just knowing that in the last 3 days each day 200 logs were cut, or 130 water were gathered helps a lot, and you can leave to the player to look if conditions were optimal (there were enough trees, there was enough water storage to continuous working).
  2. A beaver that takes up a job should try to move closer to it. Alternatively a beaver should cede a job to a beaver that lives closer and is trying to get that job if none other is available. Both of these would have the end result of satellite cities not taking up jobs near a city center while jobs near them are available, and beaver in satellite cities take up jobs near them before they go for city ones. (sattelite city and city here are the smaller house broups you use to expand the land you use versus the big population centers where the majority of your beavers live and usually get
  3. Would be nice to have some indicator of how many days of food/water left there are, maybe in parenthesis next to the Food and Water dropdown title. Alternatively some indication of current city or household consumption would be nice.
  4. Production buildings are missing some sort of way to automatically limit their production. A input box for the amount of Gears we want to build to or Planks we want to maintain before we build gears on Gear Workshops would be nice to have. This can be applied to other buildings too. Another suggestion, Storage buildings should have a stock limit apart from the desired value. Allowing does let us have some flexibility, but if instead of a bit we could have a tinyint there you could still have a custom limit while only spending 1 byte to store that data per resource.
  5. Some buildings like Shrubs, Dirt paths, Roofs and benches should connect when set side by side into a new model.
  6. Replying here for feedback visibility.
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