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  1. Hey all, I didn't see this covered in previous posts, but I think this is a requirement for any city builder game. When I start work on a building, say a lodge, and logs are delivered to the building, if I cancel the build, the materials that were delivered are immediately lost. I believe the materials should be dropped in the place of the canceled building and refunded. The same should apply to building that are demolished (but some materials should not be recouped). Thanks y'all. Great game.
  2. I didn't see any posts on this. I was building this gear factory and I was running power from the water wheel to the gear factory, and this beaver just fell in the water and is stuck. I don't know how he got there, but I'm pretty sure he's just going to die there. I'll update if anything new happens. 2020-12-19 11h41m, Day 57.json Player.log
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