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  1. Patch notes: Early Access v20210914 Hello everyone! Timberborn Early Access is here! To see how much has changed compared to the demo, continue reading! Remember that we’ve got the launch week sale going – until September 22, you can get Timberborn with a 10% launch discount. Early Access is now available It’s difficult to list everything that changed compared to the demo so this is more or less an abridged version. Keep in mind that Early Access is still a work-in-progress so what you see below may and probably will change further based on your feedback. If you’re aller
  2. Hi braggi! Thank you for letting us know! The issue is now fixed (the 2 tiles you mention are now 1 level higher, and some tiles around are shuffled so it looks a bit nicer) and should be live in the next hotfix. You will have to start a new game for this to take effect , so your best option for this playthrough might be building Levees on those two tiles.
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