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  1. The above has been fixed in one of the three hotfix patches we've had already. Speaking of which, here are the patch notes. Patch notes 2021-11-26 (experimental) Balance changes and fixes Made additional tweaks to the water physics system, which should result in a more stable Water Wheels' behaviour and less violent tsunamis. Made tweaks to the Nutrition needs so that it’s possible to satisfy all of them. It is now possible to select Iron Teeth Smelter’s construction site. Added Vyna, the Masterful Architect of Helix Mountain, to the in-game credits. We
  2. Everyone who purchased Timberborn Early Access can play Experimental but you should be aware of the unfinished content and bugs. If that doesn’t scare you, follow the steps below. The experimental branch is only available in English. On Steam: Right-click Timberborn in your Steam Library, select “Properties” and then the “Betas” tab. Pick “Experimental Branch” from the drop-down menu. The game will update itself and will now be launching in Experimental Branch until you change the branch again. On GOG: Right-click Timberborn in your GOG Galaxy client, select “Manage
  3. Hi everyone! You want to know more about Timberborn’s future and we want your say on what we’re working on. That’s why today, we’re opening up the game's experimental branch! This is an opt-in based testing ground where new content goes before hitting the main game. We’ll talk about all the fresh stuff below, but the “experimental” part is crucial. We’re doing this to gather early feedback from the players. As a result, some experimental features will be unfinished and/or bugged, and if something sucks, it might never make it to the normal branch. So what do we have for you? As
  4. 4.10 PM CEST: Hotfix is live on all platforms! We've squashed a bug that caused crashes on launching Timberborn, starting a new game, or loading a saved game. 9.30 PM CEST: Another hotfix is live on all platforms, fixing a crash caused by lumberjacks trying to cut already demolished trees. This might have caused your game to crash right after loading. 🚨 Please restart Steam to make sure your game is double-hotfixed after today's patch. 🚨
  5. We’re dam impressed with our community’s creativity. Enormous but self-sufficient settlements, crazy maps, artwork, concepts for future content – there’s a lot! And now it’s time for even more because we have a little contest with a special, experimental map: Helix Mountain (256x256)! It was co-created sometime before launch by our game designer Jon and our community, assisting in the process via Twitch. Cleaned up and adjusted, it is now available. While not directly accessible in the game, you can download it below. It works on all platforms – simply download the map and put
  6. Hello everyone! As promised, we’ve made changes to how Timberborn’s save system works. The new iteration makes it easier to build beaver towns over multiple sessions but also saves space on your drive. Contest time But first, let us invite you to join our first city-building contest in the Early Access. Whether you crave eternal fame (and a place in the game’s credits) or want to play on Helix Mountain, an experimental map we built with the community, visit our Discord or check this thread for details. And now, the patch notes. Improved save system We know working with
  7. Hello everyone! Once again, thanks for the amazing reception of Timberborn Early Access. We’re now preparing more content and features, following up on the players’ suggestions. If you want to tell us what you want in the game, it’s best to use either the forums, Discord, or this bug/suggestion tracker. In this update, we’re fixing more bugs, improving the tutorial, and preparing for a hefty content patch that's going to drop on your beavers in the future. We now also have in-game fences. As mentioned here, we’re working on a better save system as well but it’s not ready yet. Im
  8. Hi everyone. We’ve spoiled the date already, but please watch the official trailer – which has just premiered at Future Games Show Gamescom – and act surprised. That’s right! Your favourite lumberpunk city-builder is just three weeks away and will launch on September 15, 2021. We’ve been hard at work for the past months, building on the great suggestions from our demo players. There’s A LOT of cool new stuff coming with the release, some of which you may see in the video. Most importantly, we’re adding the second playable beaver faction, the Iron Teeth. If
  9. [This is a repost of our first Developer's Log, published on Steam on June 2nd, 2021, which we didn't share here on the forums. Apologies!] Hello! If you played the beta of Timberborn, you might remember the three makeshift “races”. The beaver factions in Early Access and beyond are much more distinguishable – each will have unique looks and play differently. For launch, we’ll have two factions. Today, you get to meet Folktails. Let’s begin with a preview video offering some interesting life advice. Before we dig into the gameplay side of things, let's talk about
  10. Wait, you haven’t heard about beaver districts? Let’s see how they affect where your beavers live, work, walk… and swim. Hi everyone! Time to announce the next big thing coming with the early access launch of Timberborn: the district system. Districts make growing your settlements easier to understand at the beginning and more fun later. They also improve the game’s performance. Oh, and they give your beavers a chance to swim. What is this sorcery, you ask? Keep on reading because there's a lot to unpack. District Centers With districts, the previous range system is going a
  11. Hello! Cześć! Bonjour! Hallo! ¡Hola! Olá! Привет! Ciao! Indie Celebration showcase comes to Steam on May 13th-14th, and we’re lucky to be its finalists. To celebrate and welcome new players, we have a fresh demo build. If you like what you see, please vote for Timberborn in the event’s Community Vote. It requires ~three clicks and no registration. You may vote here. Thanks! (These beavers are casting their votes. Join them!) -- Now, for the update. It’s time to cross off another point on the list of things to be done before we can announce the Early Access launch date
  12. The Bugs section of our forums is now in read-only mode and at some point, it will be archived. Why is that? We're getting closer to the Early Access launch of Timberborn and we're trying to centralize bug reports using a dedicated, external tool: >>Bug and Suggestion Tracker<< This tool allows us to prioritize the work based on what players want the most while using helpful features such as tags and progress statuses. And what's the best about it? It doesn't require registration – to submit a new bug report, you only need to enter an e-mail. And to upvote suggestion
  13. Do you mean things like warehouses split into small and big, or the multiple buildings participating in a single production chain? Either way, what you see in-game currently is going to evolve over time. For example, Inventor's Hut will at some point be a part of a larger system (see: the "Science, beaver!" brainstorm we're now having on our Discord).
  14. Hey, thanks! We don't have a specified launch date yet for the reasons explained here. But we're getting there, step by step. 🙂
  15. We're working on making Early Access available as soon as possible – there will be no limits there! Also, the announcement above was unfortunately an elaborate hoax prepared by those in the team who lob for an addition of in-game catapults. There was no patch on April 1st and we're not adding catapults and TBDs... at least not now. 😋
  16. Hello everyone, it appears you’ve enjoyed the last week’s patch, so we’ve got another coming! We’re happy to introduce a brand new feature we’ve been working on in secrecy for quite some time! Here are the patch notes for the CATAPULTS Patch! New feature: Tactical Beaver Drops We know you’re concerned about beaver numbers dropping too fast during dry seasons, and that’s why we’re adding an emergency way of increasing the population once per demo. Added Tactical Beaver Drops (TBDs). When your population hits 8 or below for the first time (starting with the first dry seas
  17. Hello everyone! The work on Timberborn is progressing well, and we wanted to share a bit of that by updating Timberborn Demo! So, we’re changing visuals for ALL the buildings. We have also added the build priority system, a.k.a. the beaver dancefloor. In other news, one of the woes that our beta testers are familiar with is gone – it is now easier to control the population. Visual changes https://youtu.be/NvIEZUJDGEY Different playable factions of Timberborn will each have a unique architecture. Today’s update changes textures, colors and models of buildings to showcase the
  18. We do read all the feedback. Thanks for posting! 🙂
  19. Woah! We're getting loads of suggestions, and there's a lot we won't be able to do easily, but feedback like this helps us set the priorities. Thanks!
  20. Woah, I love these walls of text! Thanks a lot for the suggestions and taking your time to write this up.
  21. Thanks a lot for the feedback and suggestions! As we mentioned in the development update, better work prioritization is coming 100%, and we'll be doing our best to use as much demo feedback as possible over time. 🙂
  22. Thanks for the suggestions! More types of hazards are something that we want to have and that will come to Timberborn over the course of development, that's for sure. 🙂
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