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  1. Here is a short video also showing what I mean. I also felt like the bubbles look kind of odd with how thin they are (I realize that sort of thing is likely not a top priority but I feel that it would be a nice touch for a version closer to release. Timberborn 2020-07-26 Tree Notification Bubbles_Default vs Lower Camera Perspective.mp4
  2. This suggestion regards the bubble notifications alerting you to full warehouses, marking what trees/bushes to cut or what buildings don't have power etc... I noticed that when the camera is in its default position the perspective of the notification bubbles looks a bit skewed compared to when you bring the camera viewpoint to a lower point.
  3. In the settings menu the scrolling action gets stuck/stops when the mouse cursor is over a setting option that uses a checkbox. This occurs on both the actual checkbox and the text to the right of it. Attached is a video of me replicating the issue Timberborn 2020-07-26 Sticking Cursor in Settings.mp4
  4. This was a pretty fun game so far. There were a couple hiccups while trying to figure out the mechanics of the game, but I still enjoyed myself once I got the hang of it. To assist with new players it might be nice if a couple popup messages explain the very basics of the game so that the player has a grounded understanding of how the game works. One thing I really liked was that the music becomes partially muffled when in the menu. That was pretty cool the first time I opened the menu (I did not expect the music to change, but I definitely liked it). I also thought the music was very nic
  5. One other thing that would be nice is if you added a "Raised Sharp Turn" power shaft to allow the Raised Shaft to turn without needing to be converted to a ground shaft, turned and then raised in elevation again.
  6. While hovering over the "High Shaft" it would be nice if the tooltip descriptor said something like: "Transfers power from lower level to upper level." When I first was messing around I unlocked the "Raised Shaft" and then after messing around a bit realized I needed to unlock the "High Shaft" first in order to get it to work properly. One other suggestion is to have an indication if you don't have enough of a specific material such as gears when placing a building down.
  7. When I first started the game it was not obvious how to get the beavers to build or chop wood. At first I thought I had to select each beaver to tell it what job to do, I also discovered that if I assign too many tasks that the beavers did not prioritize tasks essential to survival such as building water gather points and collecting berries. I had to disable a couple of the building tasks in order to allow those essential tasks to be carried out. By the time I figured that out a couple of the beavers had died of dehydration. Later in my playthrough I ran out of berry bushes in the area cl
  8. The different levels of maturity for berry bushes and trees give a different amount of resources. The ability to select mature vs half grown vs immature allows you a finer control without needing to micromanage. One scenario is if you wanted to maximize your resource gathering while another would be if you wanted to clear an area for building space. I would also like to add that when I first started the game I was confused on what to do. Plus, once I found the lumberjack gather point I placed a couple without realizing that there was already one on the main building you start with.
  9. I also would love to be able to prioritize specific buildings to have beavers staffed to help manage bottlenecks in production as well as to prevent starvation from occurring.
  10. I would really like it if the game had a priority button for each building. That way you could choose what buildings you want to make sure are employed. This would be helpful to keep from starving in early game and also to help focus your beavers on producing what you need for your current building projects. I would like it if this was added to all buildings so that you can choose the buildings you want staffed depending on your specific needs.
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