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  1. I'd like to tack onto this post to say that I feel like the Forester building should allow us to choose the spaces the trees are planted in. Currently, it gives us an area of 225 - but what if instead, it gave us an allotment of 225 spaces for us to choose from within range, not requiring to choose all of them (and not allowing to choose more, of course!)
  2. I want so badly to be able to prioritize a particular building rather than set everything else to pause within a builder's range. Perhaps we could have a toggle with "Prioritize Build" that only allows you to set it to one building at a time?
  3. Title says it all. I had 400 science, I clicked on Leisure, clicked on the Temple, and 300 of my science points were removed - but the lock remained. Clicking on it again prompts me to spend another 300 science points to unlock.
  4. This is a great feature, and I noticed the correlation immediately (I'm a new player - started yesterday) between the growth stage and resource amount. It makes sense. I realize this is quite an old topic (2019!?) so I hope it's alright that I continue in this thread. Something that would improve this feature, I feel, is a simple change of colour. Currently, when highlighting the trees for removal, it's all red. I find this a bit counter intuitive since red means "No! You can't do that!" in most games. I feel like if the grid highlight were a neutral colour (neither red nor green.. maybe
  5. I agree with this. I would have thought that crops would grow regardless of someone working in them, but having only 1 beaver (or no beavers) might affect the following: Crop harvest amount (perhaps 25% if no beavers attended, 50% if 1 beaver, 100% if 2 beavers.) Crop harvest speed (once fully grown, maybe it takes 3 days to fully harvest rather than that one quick day, unless you have 2 beavers.) Nutritional quality (I note that grilled potatoes are at Nutrition II - maybe this is tracked and, even if grilled, they become Nutrition I) Speed of growth, however:
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