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  1. Hello! More feedback! Saving/Auto-saving After 15 hours of gameplay, my AppData\LocalLow\Mechanistry\Timberborn\Saves folder contains 144 files and its size is 623 MB. Each save file is larger than the previous. Judging by the time-stamps (and that the files are named "Autosave" lol), the game auto-saves every 5 minutes; this is great! Inform the player of this. Add graphic on screen that indicates an auto-save is occurring. I did not see a means of managing these saves files through the game's UI. My suggestion: When a player creates a new game, prompt them to
  2. I LOVE THIS GAME. It miiiiiiiiiight have something to do with there being beavers in it. My first time playing! I played the game for over 2 hours last night and although I only had 23 beavers and a small number of buildings, I did not run into any bugs. I would like to preface my feedback & suggestions with: there's a lot of the game I do not know. I'm fairly new to it and the community. AND I understand that this is a beta and everything is subject to change. The game was a bit confusing at first; I did not know what I needed to do, other than explore the UI for hints. I've played
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