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  1. I built the carousel and wall within two cycles, cycles=seasons.
  2. 2020-12-24 02-47-02.mkv
  3. the timberborn beavers havent been able to swimming since the update was released that brought the carousel, tho i really do enjoy the fact that the carousel is really flexible in where it can be put, would like to see the beavers cross the river without having to put in platforms.
  4. it would be nice to see something with dams connected, houses could to, but seeing the new houses i dont think thats gonna be needed, they are lovely looking houses, but a large dam with those squares is kinda hideous
  5. youll have to give them some time, as they do not produce babies right away. keeping the houses that are not being used paused, having all adults double up in houses, so at this time you will want to have 3 houses at most unpaused, having just 2 unpaused is even better
  6. Timberborn 2020-12-23 22-54-12.mp4
  7. Autosave 2020-12-18 10h25m, Day 220.json
  8. update, they have added the ability to use haulers, so workers now drop off at nearest warehouse and travel back to get back to work, then haulers, or idle workers in other buildings will haul it where it needs to go.
  9. it does depend on which beavers your using as well. mainly basic beavers vs fancy, the eager beavers just sleep less and eat more food, so maybe that affects your game play as well.
  10. Ashered


    Exception save 2020-07-07 20h09m, Day 317.json Player.log another Z bug crash
  11. the game gave me a Z bug when i went to pause the building during the building phase.
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