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  1. The Sudden crash attached - 2020-07-08 22h08m, Day 129 was recorded as a video if that helps, I can upload it.
  2. Sorry for slow reply, Yes I have located and Isolated the Auto save and Exit save on this game - Exit save 2020-07-05 00h21m, Day 24. My population was only six missing Beavers,Not the estimated 22, but I have the Files all the same. I also have a Auto save and Exception save for a sudden crash I have just had, 2020-07-08 22h08m, Day 129. Thanks, Glen (Fardo) Exit save 2020-07-05 00h21m, Day 24.json Autosave 2020-07-05 00h13m, Day 22.json Exception save 2020-07-08 22h08m, Day 129.json Autosave 2020-07-08 22h03m, Day 125.json
  3. With 22 Beavers, I had to pause the game and Tab out to another window, only to return and find a population of 0. No deaths during pause, just no beavers on return. lol
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