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  1. The upward going water is a 'wave'-effect. When there's suddenly a lot of water, it sloshes back and forth, until the stream is stabilized. Indeed this may cause a small flood. Most of the time you don't see this, because the differences are minimal. I checked Diorama. To my surprise, they did the same thing 😄 Both sources in that map are strength 3, instead of the regular 1. Good find!
  2. Yeah.. that rock is just perfect for a living-quarter, right? :-) looks so strong, those houses on top! Very defendable when the Marauding Rats will show up. Good to hear that you managed to create a stable society there! This will give you a good basis for further expansion. So funny to hear you calling that "skyscraper basement" 😄 With no explanation, you gave it meaning. Same may be for the ruins on top of the spire, much more downstream. To address you suggestion: What I tried with this map, is to force the player into the canyon, between its walls. The cramped space is th
  3. Map Editor Tricks.json Here's the example map
  4. I figured out four tricks I'd like to share with you. In all cases, you need to edit the save-file in notepad. I might be hard at first to find the right value. To have editable save-files, you'll need an older version of Timbernorn. You can load these maps later on in a newer Timberborn-version, to update it to the .timber - extension. 1. You can drain water, by making the strength-property of a watersource negative. "Template":"WaterSource","Components":{"WaterSource": {"SpecifiedStrength":-5.0,"CurrentStrength":-5.0},"BlockObject":{"Coordinates":{"X":1,"Y":5
  5. Hurrray! Got It workin! I adjustednot only currentStrength, but also SpecifiedStrength and this time, after a drought, the water- 'drain' started working again! I'm so happy! There's one caveat. When testing, sometimes the drain stopped working the same time as the watersources. So during the first day of drought, while the rivers were still full and flowing, the water wasnt drained, and the end-reservoir flooded a bit. Nothing to much, I think it wont be a problem. See below the updated map. Sink Hole (v2) J.timber
  6. well, it doest work unfortunately... 😞 I added a watersource with a negative currentstream-value. That way, it 'sucks' the water out. Very cool! but, as Badai pointed out, it resets after the first drought.
  7. Really! Oh no... 😞 thats a shame.. So that means that the drought-end simply resets all the currentstream-values back to 1..
  8. Hi Don and Rebecca, Thanks for your both responses! It means a lot to me to see players enyoing my map! thats just great. Due to your feedback, I decided to update this map a little: - Starting location more central, so more of the map can be accessed from the first district center. Also, the spire with ruins on top becomes more accessible. (thanks Don) - Removed the outflow (What?!). Yes, this one is really cool! The map stil wont overflow, because I did some magic 😄 wonder if anyone can figure it out! - I made a new smal reservoir, to help a little bit during the fi
  9. Thats great! You've made a cosy place for your people :-) It's cool to see that some things you used the same as I did, but others completely different. I made my dam right at the beginning of the river. Clever, to use the stairs that you had to build anyway, also for creating that tower. I'm not much of a decoration-person myself, but I do like all those little spots of beauty hear and there. It makes it much more 'home' If you have any 'constructive' feedback, it would be great if you'd share it! Keep it up!
  10. Hi Fael, Thank you very much for your very kind feedback. I really appreciate it... I'd like to know about your further progress! have you expanded to the rest of the map already?
  11. "When the rising sea flooded the coasts and cities, it preluded the human fall. When the see eventually even flooded these mesa deserts, it gave opportunity to these beavers, to construct something truly remarkable, someone never dreamt of.. a castle.." Survive at the top of a rock in the middel of the sea, that's about it. The starting location has all the stairs, berries and trees you need. To compensate some of the log-shortage, there's also maple trees at the start available. At the three other cracks, you would be able to construct stairs. Keep in mind, that at the e
  12. So, I find myself managing all sorts of things: resources, waterlevels, drought, structures. But not my beavers! They should have the mainfocus in the gameplay, but I really dont give a dam about how they do! And its bothering me, cause I would like to feel a connection with them. How can I care more?
  13. I have some advise for your map. Place only 1 watersource-blok inside the fountain. Save, edit the file in Notepad. Find the waterblock, set CurrentStrenght to 10 or something Now the whole fountain is feeded by only one watersource block 🙂
  14. Thanks! Good to hear. Indeed there is not much elevation to capture water. Good luck next time! let me know how it went
  15. In the near future, a new race of beavers has emerged: Grizzly Beavers. They eat salmon, which do swim upstream from the mapedge. At the points where water gets off the map, and has a minimal heigh, salmon spawn, and start to swim upstream. They disappear at the watersources. They are able to jump up waterfalls with a height of 1. Grizzly beavers are able to fish for salmon. There is a chance of catching a passing salmon. At the waterfalls, this chance is much higher, where the grizzlies are able to grab them mid-air. Also: eating is much more important, because Grizzly Beavers
  16. This meandering river was but a stream when the fall came. As the tidal wave receded, a new rift was formed. After ages passed by, the walls collapsed due to erosion, creating a beautiful habitat for our furry-ous brothers. And so our twelve comrades had found their home This elongated map offers some waterlevel-management-challenges, but also a cosy living place for your new beaver colony. The steep edges are tricky to subdue, but when they have done so, the may enjoy the magnificent view! The starting location has rock stairs and berries for a save start. Getting to the metals migh
  17. When our predecessors fell and their cities were abandoned, some of the underground infrastructure continued to function for thousands of years. Underground cavities collapsed, due to erosion of the sewers. During a food quest, twelve of our industrious brothers discovered this beautiful recently formed valley. Let's get gnawing, brothers! This map consists of a green valley, ruins on top of the surrounding high cliffs. However not on the screenshots, there are several stone stairs. Important note: No, the valley will not flood! 😉 Update: I added berries!
  18. A beaver without a dam is just a fat rat. Nothing special.
  19. Real biology The purpose of the dam is to create a lake. This lake provides: - movement for beavers, while hindering predators - food - underwater storage for leaves to keep them fresh - mid winter movement. Swimming underwater is much easier as plowing through snow.
  20. Love the concept, but beavers without dams is (iam sorry) pretty stupid. The two things beavers can build IRL are homes and dams. Have they learned so much other stuff to build, but forget how to build dams? Any beaver game ever should have buildable dams. Period
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