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  1. We have just released an update to Timberborn Closed Beta: You can now change the names of individual beavers to whatever you like. Such as the names of your favorite football players. Or your favorite species of microlepidoptera if that is your thing. Jobless beavers automatically move to a different home if that allows them to get a job. Critically hungry or thirsty beavers now search for food and water sources within the range of their current location, including ones that are outside the range of their homes. Bug fixes: Building descriptions now correctly report their power requirements. Additionally, buildings that need power but are not connected to a power source now have a warning icon above them. We have fixed a bug which resulted in negative jobless numbers. As usual, the new build is already live on Steam.
  2. Here's another update to Timberborn Closed Beta: Building Preview Mode: You can now place a new construction on top of unfinished buildings. That effectively allows you to design whole complexes of buildings before you spend any materials or your beavers' precious time. The vertical / modular building system proved to be one of the coolest and most discussed features in the beta, that's why we want to make it as user-friendly as possible. Preview Building Mode.mp4 The walking range of all buildings has been increased by 10%. Stairs now extend the walking range by the same amount as flat paths. That makes vertical structures more efficient space-wise. Bug fixes: We have fixed a bug which caused the game to crash in rare situations when pausing a building. We have fixed a bug which sometimes crashed the game when switching resources to not allowed in warehouses. And another one which sometimes resulted in a crash when selecting a Forester. The game no longer crashes if there is no audio device. We have fixed a bug which resulted in incorrectly calculated strength bonuses.
  3. Lisza


    Thank you for posting these! We'll look into it.
  4. Lisza


    Yes, we are aware that beavers are pretty famous for their dams. We're going to do everything we can to make dams happen. Thank you for your suggestion : )
  5. We have just released a minor update to Timberborn Closed Beta: We added a Population wellbeing panel which gives you a high-level overview of how you're doing in terms of satisfying your beavers' needs. You can access the panel by clicking the average wellbeing counter in the top-left corner. The game now warns you if something is obstructing the entrance of the building that you are placing or if the building will obstruct another building's entrance. We have fixed two bugs which caused the game to crash in rare situations when assigning workers. The new build is already live on Steam. You can expect more updates shortly based on the feedback from the first days of the beta. Have fun!
  6. We have released a minor update with the following changes: Fixed two bugs which caused laborers and haulers to sometimes ignore the desired amount setting and not transport goods between warehouses. Selecting any construction site enables the construction view with gray previews of unfinished buildings. Added a welcome popup explaining the current status of the game.
  7. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! If you play with the newest update, this "continue" should be disabled when you have no saves : )
  8. Thank you for your feedback : ) Some of these things are already on our to-do list, and we'll consider what to do with the rest. Cheers!
  9. Hi @JErthal - do you maybe have a screenshot of this situation, or a savefile so we can better diagnose the problem?
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