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  1. Hiiiii ! So to start with, I have as composat: Intel Core 5 -> Processor. GTX 1080TI -> GPU and 8G RAM. I don't know why my game don't stop crash at my recently save with Fancy Beavers. Crash of the game out that i didn't do anything just watch my game. Not even lauch production and the like. The game at 199 days to start showing unstable resource figures. Exemple: Once it was 60 Twigs 1 seconds after 20 twigs then 57twigs (Whaaattttt ? is my reaction :x) And after at 200th days with fancy beavers just crash... PS: I tried to change the graphics to low, play in speed 1x etc. But that did not remove the problem :/. And I don't kow why I can't join my backup and player files. Thank you in advance for the explanation and sorry for the inconvenience 😅!Your game is awesommmmeeee :3 !
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