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    Lazy Beavers

    I had this same problem with the water pump operator from one of my games. They would stay in their house all day causing the water pump to remain empty, until my settlement died of thirst. It would not happen all the time, but when it did it was catastrophic if I didn't have backup drinking stations. I was also playing Eager Beavers at the time. Not sure if it was happening with any other beavers, I just took notice of the water pump operator since it was causing my beavers to die from thirst. Save attached is from after I installed two backup drinking stations. EDIT: Should also
  2. I'm having trouble getting this bug to reproduce, but I was having an issue with the grill constantly saying "Can't get all required materials" when I had plenty of logs and raw potatoes. The only way I could fix it was to delete the grill and build a new one in the exact same spot, after which it worked for the remainder of the game. I've attached the game that it happened in, though like I said I've been unable to get it to reproduce. I was playing eager beavers on a custom map (downloaded from the Discord server) at the time. Autosave 2020-01-05 18h36m, Day 18.json Player.log
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