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  1. Its not anywhere near done, but its come a long way.
  2. New Building: Trade School Educate the next generation of beavers and gain a production bonus for each production building that is run by a master beaver. New Building: Academy Educate the next generation of beavers and gain a production bonus for science or admin building that is run by a master beaver. I think for now to make the transition simple in that these new buildings would just produce master beavers (science and trade). Later, they could be tuned to educate specific skills based upon the need of the district or civ-at-large.
  3. Can the number on the right of the jobs list be changed to indicate the total jobs available? Right now, the jobs filled number is the same as the total jobs.
  4. Can we have levee blocks that a straight axle can go through?
  5. Please give us, upon mouseover of the water, food, logs, materials at the top of the screen(or a setting), a readout of our per day usage or a net +/-/0 indication. This would really help our planning and space allocation.
  6. Please give us a build queue that we can drag and drop for ordering builds with the option of assigning a number of beavers to that build.
  7. Could we have elevators to promote vertical growth? This could add more research, too.
  8. Maybe add to that how many beavers are hauling to each build so that items can be built a few at a a time.
  9. It would be really nice to either have a tool for measuring distance or a display of the number of blocks when placing pathways.
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