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  1. A timber grader would require a timber graders shack that would be built next to a forester. The grader would be used to increase or decrease the grow time of trees, increasing or decreasing the amount of logs harvested.
  2. It might be interesting to add an air current mechanic to the game. Green ground would have the base air temperature above it, water would cool the air above it, and dry ground would heat the air above it. Elevation change would also affect air speed.
  3. Some suggestions that might add some interesting features to the game. First, is the vertical shaft. It would be found in the "power" tab, require 1 log and 1 metal block to create and require 5 HP to operate and would be 1 block high. These are stacked to create vertical shaft columns. The second thing is the vertical shaft cap, also in "power". Requires 1 gear and 1 metal block, placed on the top of a vertical shaft column, and is used to connect to power. Things that connect to the vertical shaft are the lift and the sluice gate. The lift would function as an elevator that beavers co
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