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  1. This is getting out of hand! I love it, though am a bit anxious to try...
  2. If you haven't mentioned it's a reduced version, I wouldn't notice, looks great. What's the size?
  3. I'm not sure if it's okay or even legal to take someone's creation, edit it and post like your own.
  4. Don Chezare

    Lake Island

    I'd be glad if you provided some screenshots and the map's size, at least.
  5. That's a solid piece of stuff you got there. But wait. The source with improved strength - does it look like it pushes water upwards? Because I encountered a similar phenomenon in a Diorama play. It looked like the picture above, also a small disturbance could lead to water flowing even higher, above a neighboring levee, even two steps higher. Are the sources in Diorama also tweaked?
  6. Damn, and we could have a new way to push boundaries on our hands 🙂 Actually, a storm drain could be a solid suggestion to the devs.
  7. Dayum, now I have to try it again! I wonder what your contraption is.
  8. This is one beautiful map. The post apocalyptic theme really deserves more love and devs' attention in this game. Shame that I haven't managed to reach any metal, and I'm trying to avoid building new districts. But I love how picturesque this map is, how you hid the water sources, it took me some time to find the water's outflow. I just don't really know where to develop, where to go here on this map...
  9. Good evening. This game is lovely, it sucked me right in, I spent multiple hours on it and don't see myself getting bored anytime soon. When it comes to suggestions, my concerns revolve mostly around UI. I have bad eyesight and a small screen, I was glad to find the interface scaling option and used it to the max, but then some parts of the UI overlap, mostly on the bottom left and it's a chore to keep track of, say, unemployed beavers. Also, the description for the objects I want to build obscures most of the map view, I wish those could be moved aside, to the right perhaps?
  10. Gives me an idea for suggestion - plant that need to be submerged to grow. Rice maybe, or something?
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