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  1. My workaround: Pause the Hauling Post for a few seconds and then turn it on again. Within the pause all open industries getting filled with your haulers. Idea to implement it: Add freequently pausing checkbox as option to the Hauling Post info popup
  2. It happens, that hauling post has enough beavers while an industry is out of order cause of no unemployed beaver. Currently: Hauling post beavers is limited by adjustable number Suggestion: Hauling post handle max beavers, automatically send them to industries with error: "no unempleyed beaver", minimum beavers in hauling post by adjustable number
  3. Hi, just lost a district population of ~90 to thirst. While I am theoretically able to safe the game with beavers from other districts, it is nearly not managable to get those few beavers to the water pumps. You have to manually click all other industry and pause them. There should be a better solution.
  4. Hello, I suggest a click tool that shows the height of a terrain tile. I think this is helpful to create dams, platforms at the right height.
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