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  1. BadaiNemesis

    Legions Maps

    that a lot of maps! would be great if you could upload 1 screenshot of each map so it will be easier to choose. and maybe make the download file clickable like most of the maps on this forum 🙂 thanks a lot man!
  2. That's great to hear! I am working on another map of the milford sound in new zealand - should be great! ty for your feedback!
  3. sorry but right after the 1st drought the map did indeed got flooded, i saw what u tried to do with the inverse water source but for some reason it stopped working after the drought..
  4. Update: for me the .json file doesn't work. the .timber file does.
  5. BadaiNemesis

    Niagra Falls

    Why not build A dam on the biggest waterfall in the world? I made the map out of a photo of Niagra Falls, it was not tested but there are enough resources for a decent start. would love to know if its a fun map and see photos of a great city with a really big Dam! Good luck! Niagra Falls 128x128.timber Niagra Falls 128x128.json
  6. BadaiNemesis

    Water Volcano

    the map crashes my game before starting :( it looks really cool! can u fix plz ?
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