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  1. After achieving 2 days of 0 hours working, you can unlock day scheduling where your beavers can have every X days off with no work. When you have excess beavers without jobs, they automatically pick up '2nd shift' where when beavers go to bed and leave their post, the unemployed backfill them and help to keep things moving. Job shift prioritization - Resource Gathering, Manufacturing, Delivery prioritization on jobs, so that if someone dies or 2nd shift starts, there is a priority to fill those jobs first.
  2. It would be great if you could set the % release of water from a series of dams. At times, your dams can be quite a mess to manage if you have a lot of them, and you end up spending a lot of time manually adjusting them up and down as groups or individually to get the right flow out from the dam. Having settings to be able to output based on a percentage would be much better. For example, if a dam is set to 10% release, when that dam is at 59% fill, it would release 10% down to 49% over the course of 1 second as a max speed (then variables such as game max throughput for a cell would kick in)
  3. Currently, it takes 10 hours to accomplish something that really should feel possible in 5. There are a few areas of balance that are causing this: Number of ingredients required for many buildings is too high. 50% reduction on building costs, generally speaking, this could be ignored if the beavers in general could carry 3x what they do now. That being said, travel based buildings (platforms, stairs) should universally be cheaper than they currently are. Building animation durations, could be about 15%-25% faster Droughts can often times fully shut things down too much in e
  4. Currently, due to the duration of days, timing it takes to starve/die of thirst, and speeds, it is extremely easy to get into a situation where within a blink of an eye an entire population mass starves or dies of thirst within only a minute or two. So this is somwhat of a balance issue, but the duration at max speed in which your entire population completely dies off should spread out, on average, over ~10 minutes or so, and there are a few ways this could happen. Randomize the speeds in which thirst and hunger are depleted based on the effort required during the day (unemployed
  5. I would really like a GUI tool that allows enabling/disabling buildings much faster. When your civ gets large, this becomes extremely tedious. You often need to do mass disabling because of droughts, so even features that allow buildings to turn off when droughts occur would help a ton as well.
  6. Rain definintely should be a consideration
  7. I like the idea of mining ruins for metal, and currently it is a rare resource with few uses. But, there are maps where you can't really do much in terms of building large platforms because of how rare it is. There needs to be an option (like a mine or something) to gain metal after the ruins have been depleted. It can be slower and more expensive, but without this, it's useless to try and build structural navigation platforms that require metal, and instead just use the metal for goals and stop there, since the cost to build many of those platforms can take up all the metal gathered fro
  8. 100%, unless metal becomes replinishable as a resource, then not as huge of an issue.
  9. I totally agree with this. It would especially be cool if this could be accomplished in a modular fashion (instead of a single building) to enable more interesting layouts and builds. Basically, you can build a 4x4x1(height) batter, that can have other batteries or other buildings built on top. When a battery is built on top of another battery, the 'weight' is shared across the two, you can just store more energy. Having the ability to see through a slit or something to know how far it has fallen would be great too.
  10. This for sure. Your best bet in the current design is to ignore irrigation towers entirely as a feature, and instead build cavities to dump water into, the speed they consume water is FAR more efficient. The rate they deplete to make them more viable vs creating cavities out of either levees or dynamite needs to be ~10x slower.
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