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  1. I dont know if wether this ir hard to implement or not, but i think it would allow players to create even more interesting maps or even some sort of quests and puzzles. At least the basic ones such as dams, gates etc.
  2. Reo

    Angan Falls (128x128)

    A map i've been making a couple of days ago. I made entirely for the aesthetics so the strategy is not very much planned, though i tried my best to balance the early game. The map features an open pool created at the base of the waterfall, wich comes divided in three separated streams at the top. There is pleny of water and fertile land, but the wide mouths of the river and its interconections can make a challenge to make dams early on. The vast surface of water also creates a poor flow by itself. Im relatively new to the game so i dont know whether it is too hard or too easy, i woul
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