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    Angan Falls (128x128)

    well from a map creator such as myself the worst part is balancing map..and hey you did a good job with "aesthetics" it's lookin good !
  2. ElCid

    Project Terrarium

    Description: Welcome to my new map ! I hope you will enjoy it as previous one. https://timberbornmaps.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=52 Quick note: For those who downloaded this map before 9:00 PM / 09.10.2021, I recommend you to download map again since I've made slight adjustments.. Recommended difficulty settings: - Temperate weather duration 6-12 days - Drought duration 4-18 days - Drought duration handicap 70% for 4 cycles I won't tell you much here, first and foremost explore map carefully and start planning in advance because wood is limited resource,
  3. ElCid

    Sky Kingdom

    Description: Sky Kingdom - https://timberbornmaps.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=28 Welcome.. Hope U have wonderful time on this map.. It took me good day to complete it... The map is little bit noob friendly but with good ideas even "pro's" can make great things here. I'll probably update map little bit later If I find things to improve, so If anything happens I'll let you know. Cheers for now <3 Update: check out my new project "Terrarium", download found in medium maps. ^^
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