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  1. I like this idea, but what about designing it to fit inside a 1x1 tower? There are gravity batteries out there that look more like a tower than a crane in terms of footprint, and it might make it possible to make them stackable to increase capacity.
  2. That's pretty much it. It'd be great if you could place district gates on top of existing paths (in addition to them including a path if placed on empty ground, like they do now.) And if they're being placed on a path with a clear orientation (path tiles on two opposite sides), maybe auto-rotate their orientation to match? Cause my gate orientation luck feels a lot like USB luck, in that it's never right the first time. Just consistently mildly annoying, lmao
  3. What about a signpost? Like a 1x1 wooden sign with a couple of arrows, extends the range of a district with the added cost of requiring beavers to stop and read it for a moment before continuing on their way. I guess it might look doofy if there's only one road with a bunch of signs along it, lmao. "Still this way, keep going you're doing great."
  4. It'd be cool if there was a collapsible tab that shows the status of everything you're currently building. I'm thinking like an icon for each structure you're building, separated by priority, with indicators for the number you're building and the progress of the next one being built. (Maybe whichever one is closest to being finished?) And this might be a lot of extra work for too little payoff, but it'd also be cool if you could click and drag to rearrange priorities. Those icons would take up the upper part of the tab. The bottom part would contain a list of the materials needed wit
  5. When a farmhouse has two workers, I'd like there to be a setting where one of them prioritizes planting, and the other prioritizes harvesting. Teamwork makes the dream work.
  6. I was just thinking the same thing. It'd be nice if I could set up a handful of power wheels and know that the employees will run supplies or something when there's an energy surplus.
  7. It would be nice if I could place a platform inside a taller platform. I want to create a new pathway 1 block off the ground, right along an existing stack of triple platforms. So I have to delete the stack and rebuild with a 1, then a 2, etc. It'd save some trouble if I could just place a platform inside the existing triples.
  8. It'd be nice if there was a way to connect floodgates to a power source, with the player choosing whether they fail-open or fail-closed. That way they could be opened/closed during droughts to keep my water wheels turning, or when wind power isn't meeting energy demands, etc.
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