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  1. Beavers like to build circular economies and and want to preserve the environment. Instead of having all the resources go to waste when destroying building, they rather disassemble buildings (also partially completed ones on building sites) by workers to reclaim (some) resources.
  2. Beavers are smart workers, thus they should not: Wait at the pumping station during drought season Work at power wheel when there is no demand for power (e.g. factory not running or natural power sources on same shaft-line are active). Sit idle when no trees are left to cut They could perform other work, or just chill-out and do nothing (and consume less resources).
  3. When building a set of buildings which are close together the builders by default will favour the 'outer' building first. Making the inner building (the shaft in this example) unreachable, which requires tear-down of 'outer' buildings to complete this. I currently 'fix' this by prioritizing the inner building, how-ever it would be nice of the workers would act a bit smarter.
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