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  1. https://timberborn.featureupvote.com/suggestions/223774/storage-should-by-default-be-disabled-for-all-resources-after-the-building-is-fi Was merged.
  2. I also posted it here: https://timberborn.featureupvote.com/suggestions/224395/storage-should-start-with-none-by-default At the moment, it is still awaiting Approval.
  3. I start a storage to be built and by the time it finally gets built, I do not notice. Then when I finally see that it is done, its filled 10-50% with berries. Sometimes it doesn't even take a moment as I play in 3x time consistently before I get some resources that never leave the storage because they don't prioritize unwanted storage before others. >Storage starts with No Allocated Storage Type Set(None) instead of All Accepted by Default >Unwanted Storage (Those set as "None") have a higher priority than other Accepted Storage so they get taken out faster. This would also help with
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