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  1. i am getting 2 FPS at normal speed. game is officially unplayable 2fps timber
  2. The game is very unplayable with high populations. I hate to have to give up my city but its honestly not fun when just scanning your city takes forever and the FPS is like single digits.
  3. I would like to see if anyone else is having issues with the game running very slow/low fps/laggy when you reach near end game. I have a very powerful PC so I dont think its a hardware issue. I got my population to about 800 with about 5-6 fully operational districts and cant seem to play the game at X2 or X3 speed without it dramatically lagging. I even went to the point to try to kill off almost have my population by sending them to a empty district but even now with a population around 400-500 i still have issues. If anyone one has any fixes or solutions I would love to see what they
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