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  1. I was playing iron teeth faction on hard difficulty. And at one moment my workers stopped bringing berries to my breeding pods. I could not find a way to make them supply breeding pods with berries. I deleted old pods and built some new ones. New ones were not supplied by water too. Workers just were ignoring them. I had enough berries and water. I have paused some of my buildings and workers in the main building were sitting on the place in still did not bring berries and water to breeding pods. I think that, maybe, the scheme broke at the moment when i have collected all the berries fro
  2. When you click on the building, or when you are deciding where to place it, an arrow appears, which shows, where the path must be placed for the building to be connected to the path.
  3. When I choose an instrument to mark trees for harvest, i can't see area of where my workers can do it. I need to click to the building and visually remember areas. Same with planting trees.
  4. Or, maybe, wellknown mechanics of minimap, like many RTS games, will be pretty good.
  5. You need to make a road to the building door itself. You can place road on a platform, while stairs counts as a road automatically.
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