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  1. 2 stepwells that now lay in ruins. Plenty of trees to start with and metal for later builds. The first is easier than the second. Enjoy! Ancient Stepwell 208 x 138.json Ancient Stepwell II 178 x 178.json
  2. Fast flowing waters have cut through the ground over millennia. Building space is at a premium early game. Plenty of metal for late game. Plan carefully Canyon Drainage (198 x 128).json
  3. archinist


    Plenty of fertile land and water, just not where you have chosen to settle. Plan your buildings and farms to survive. Medium sized map. Not for beginners Diverge.json
  4. archinist


    Two powerful waterfalls provide plenty of water to anyone that can tame them. Trees and metal aplenty. Medium sized map Cascade.json
  5. archinist


    A map divided diagonally by an escarpment. The basins can provide massive amounts of water to anyone willing to use it. Medium sized map Basins.json
  6. archinist

    Three Rivers

    Three fast flowing rivers separated by canyons and cliffs. Medium sized map Three Rivers.json
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