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  1. For comparison, here is the same view of the original Diorama map:
  2. Diorama map, cut down from 50x50 to 25x25 with some slight adjustments to the mountain, river, and ruins. There is 2430 scrap metal, enough to produce 1200 bars after building the shredder. Note that the flat area near the largest ruins dries out during the drought, so you'll want to get up to the top of the mountain quickly to dam the waterfall and expand your farmable area. Playtested on Normal difficulty with Folktails - make sure you have enough farmland before building more houses! Tiny Diorama 25x25.timber
  3. Updated to v2, trimmed off some of the back side of the mountain to include a little bit of the dried plateaus. Also increased the amount of scrap metal to match the amount found on the original Diorama map (3495 scrap, or 1732 metal blocks after building a shredder). Mini Diorama v2.timber
  4. If you're using Steam, add the following launch option: -popupwindow I can't speak for how to do it on GOG/Epic
  5. Nothing creative, just a simple map that crops off the lower two sides of the diorama map (the corner opposite the water source). Has the same amount of starting berries and a similar amount of readily-accessible wood, total metal on the map is approx 2/3 of the original, allowing you to make 1095 metal blocks (taking into account the cost of the shredder). I made this because I felt like the original 50x50 version didn't really force me to irrigate and make use of the flat land that starts out dry on Normal mode. Mini Diorama.timber
  6. If the angle of the lighting was fixed relative to the map (or the path of the sun) then it would be easier to remain aware of orientation when rotating the camera.
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