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  1. I've been working with the Iron teeth for a good 30 cycles now. Something I've noticed, is the breeding pods will kill a district very quickly. aside from pausing the pods they seem to suck up a ton water and berries. at one point i was storing 5k berries, now that dwindled to nothing after adding around 8 pods. they hold 2 water and 2 berries, but take 5 days to pop a new beaver. Idk if whats happening is that the pod keeps using the resources and the beavers fill it up and then its wasted or what, but adding a few pods shouldn't kill the whole colony. they seem to prioritze tasks before thei
  2. Oh folktails I don't see this as much since each day a new set of babies fill the empty housing. But for the iron teeth, I have housing blocks for nearly 200 beavers each. The fixed baby rate for them is hard work around unless you overwhelm them with breeding pods, then berries and water disappear much too quick in some instances.
  3. I've logged way too many hours, 31.4 to be exact since Oct 1st. on my two saves, the biggest issue is job prioritization. Especially since I started with the Iron Teeth today, on about cycle 20 currently, and just like the Folktails nearly every day a handful of beavers from old age. As of the current release jobs that beavers pick seem to have the same priority. too many times has randomly generated named beaver died and I then have a gap to fill, that I don't see right away. So the unemployed will consistently pick random jobs instead of farms, or water pumps. Best solution i've found is pau
  4. I feel a job priority menu would fix all of this. if you could prioritize which jobs you want filled first, then you'd just need to breed to the amount of jobs you have. time and time again, especially with the iron teeth they die of old age nearly everyday and it feels impossible to figure out which randomly named beaver was doing what. Best solution ive come up with is pause and unpause hauling station since it has such a high volume of workers
  5. I feel the most natural way to make this gameplay involved, is to add a recycling plant or something in the metal tab. assigns a number beavers much like the hauling post, to just dismantle stuff. This way you still have the delete button still, and a way to build up to being able to reclaim materials.
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