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  1. The first couple of cycles in Timberborn are really tight. You have to rush to get your first dam to survive the first drought and before I have a couple of those large water tanks I'm often on the edge of losing just before a drought ends. I love this mechanic because it really tests how good your preparation is and how well you balanced population growth with preparation for a drought. However, one solution to this challenge is to just produce water storage and food until you have 10 times the stuff you need. Once your production is that efficient you can just play the game as if it was a
  2. I would love to see some campaign maps as well. I'd be happy with a model like you've seen it in RollerCoaster Tycoon where you have to achieve certain goals within a given amount of time. Like: - reach a population of 100 Beavers by the end of the n-th cycle (in a single district) - have 20 Beavers with a life quality of at least 10 by the end of the n-th cycle - have a district of at least 50 Beavers at the end of the n-th cycle (the cycle has a 4/5/7 day drought at the end). - have no beaver die due to hunger or thirst for at least n cycles while maintaining a population of at le
  3. With the drought phases in the game it sometimes happens that beavers with key jobs (food production, water) die before the phase ends. Unfortunately other beavers don't take their position so even more beavers die of hunger or thirst. With a massively underpopulated district it's really difficult to make beaver go to the job you want them to go, because you often have to close all other jobs. To counter that I would love to see at least one of these options: A) Have a button besides a vacated job that forces a beaver to switch their job to this one. (+ a lock sign that stops the beaver
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