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  1. Learning the district stuff seems difficult at first, for me I started with using two items to create it, but the district had no water, and so I failed on my first attempt. I figure if the comunities are setup right you can create a trade system. I like the districts idea but still working it all out, it is unique that I have sen to this builder. I am guessing there is a set way to do it, Like the tutorial at the start has to be done to each district. I believe the Builders hut is to extend the current area, but I have not had it work yet, I guess, I will have to play more to figure it al
  2. I would like a restart function if possible. To restart a game with the same preset configuration that you've already selected. It is a small thing. But restarting a game you are learning can be normal. Right now most people would be using the save, then load game. A restart same game would be nice. Thanks Amz
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