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  1. Again, I get it that there might be a technical issue. Just explaining my idea and the reason for my request for levees on platforms :3 And hope the devs see my request and think: hey that's cool, we need to do something with that ðŸĪ”
  2. Translation: "I want the ability to freely choose the profession of the beaver" I'm guessing OP wants to be able to choose the profession of single beaver, instead of hoping a beaver will show up at the right job when mass deaths occur. I can see how this option could be valuable. Or maybe just relocate a beaver. Say you have no one pumping water and no one in your science huts. But you have a few leftover haulers in your hauling post. You don't want to pause them and find out they start inventing instead of getting more water.
  3. Noice, making a floating city!! I love the idea!!
  4. It happens to me that I place a building and find out that I could've used the space more efficiently. So I demolish mid-build, but I always lose logs and planks, which were already hard to acquire :c
  5. I was also thinking about putting levees on top of platforms. For another reason tho: I would like to use a high floodgate on one side, but let the water only come out on the other side on a low point. I got really frustrated seeing the land nearby immediately go underwater because I opened the floodgate for half a block. This is also how dams in real life work, the water doesn't spill over the top. It comes out from a lower point. But I dropped the idea completely when I saw you couldn't put a levee on a platform. 😒 Example: Exactly, just a question. How it has to be imple
  6. Ooh... I never realized that was what it was... In english it's called a 'water dump' and I was always thinking: Why would I want to 'dump' precious water?? Water 'tap' would be a more appropriate name
  7. Actually, if you click on your farm, it shows you exactly what the farmable range is. Later in the game, if you find that they don't harvest fast enough, you just plunk an extra farm in the same area and set the priority to 'harvesting'. Hope this helps :3
  8. So I had to save my beavers from extinction many times. And what would be really convenient, is a "pause all" button. After pressing this button, you can slowly start assigning jobs to your beavers again. I know I can do this all by hand, but there is always this one annoying gatherer/scavenger/lumberjack flag that I forgot, where a beaver is sat on its ass, slowly dying of thirst or hunger...
  9. I don't know if this helps, or is at all what you're looking for, but you can unlock the camera at least in settings. Helped me get more freedom with camera angles.
  10. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this already. But I keep pausing all my water pumps and getting all my beavers different jobs during droughts. It would be nice if they could auto-pause during droughts. And maybe other buildings, like lumberjack and scavenger flags, could un-pause during a drought. Like make a sort of preset on which buildings pause during droughts and which un-pause and vice versa.
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