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  1. Isn't this expected? I would imagine that it's like the map continues, we just can't see it or use it, but the river keeps on flowing 🙂
  2. As the name implies "Desired" specifies a minimum. At this time there is no way that I'm aware to specify a maximum, what I've been doing is to just toggle certain goods on or off depending on where I want them, like having dedicated warehouses. There is a feature request for this btw: Add a "max" amount per resource for ware houses - Timberborn – Bugs and Suggestions (featureupvote.com)
  3. ohhh, that idea of the Levees is really good!!! As on early game you usually don't have Dynamite xD Thank you
  4. Right now, you either have a platform around the tower or the other way around, the building around the platforms. Check my skyscraper design idea 🙂 My first take on a skyscraper design - General Discussion - Mechanistry Forums
  5. So, as I reached my goal for the first colony, I decided to explore a possible skyscraper design, even though the game doesn't incentivize you to do so lol as you have plenty dry land. Either way, lets just say that I double my population size in 10 days which caused my colony to die of of thirst xD Still, was pretty fun seeing a stupid amount of beavers all going to the same place every day. The beavers didn't have the chance of fully finishing it, but you get the idea. Tell me what you think of it xD If you try to copy this design, my tips is to respe
  6. Loving the game, however the camera is fairly restrictive and annoying. The minimum angle is annoying, I've built a 5 story building, if I try to have the camera sideways, I can't. The max zoom out is way too close, just suitable for normal gameplay. Allowing the camera to zoom out would allow us to have a better perspective of the map. Without a proper zoom out, it it's hard to plan things on a larger scale.
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