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  1. To avoid dehydration for workers that have long routes, the addition of water canteens that are produced, given to individual workers and filled at tanks/pumps would be a very fitting feature for this game. A similar feature can be found in Rise to Ruins. Their function would be incredibly simple. They would simply increase the time that is needed before a beaver must drink. I think something looking like this would fit the theme nicely: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/4c/26/58/4c2658af7abab3aaf52a263328af6ff9.jpg This resource would obviously be valuable, so an expensive recipe
  2. Yes! I agree carts would look hilarious, any way that you could increase the amount of resources an individual beaver could carry would be great.
  3. The title pretty much says it all, it would be an awesome feature for a efficient gameplay!
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