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  1. put the wrong version here, sry mountain's foot - 32x32.zip
  2. Vertical map, really small starting area and counted wood (amount worth to build: 3x dam, 1x pump, 1x farmhouse, minimal extra) to make it extra difficult. it's not tested for hard mode so that might be impossible to pull off map details: water str 3 -> max ~210 beavers with 100% consumption wood counted for starting with specific buildings berries: sparse starting space: sparse farmable space: medium terrain difficulty: hard metal amount: high easily accessible metal: none to install: download attached -> unzip -> Documents\Timberborn\maps
  3. First things first: if you look for a challenge, this is your map, else consider searching for something else. Resources are sparse to the point of not being enough, and you'll only find few spots for pumping water (mark to reveal spoilers: just 2 intended locations). In the mid game there also are some massive roadblocks waiting since the 3 strength 1 water sources only provide water for 210 beavers. For the setting: This map is inspired by the egyptian nil delta, so the terrain is flat and you'll also find leftovers of civilization around their respective spot. However 90% o
  4. i tried once, but the game crashed after letting water sim run for approx 1 min, there were also almost nothing of height mapping done yet. The 16 height will also let this seem really flat so i gave up until there are some changes to the performance and max height
  5. 1 (for mappers): take a screenshot, for windows 'windows key + shift + s' gets you the snipping tool 2 (for mappers): just drag the png from the file explorer into the text block, json down below 3 (for downloading): click onto the attachment and put the json file into 'Documents -> Timberborn -> Maps' you mean this? there is not really much you could make a tutorial for with this forum's user friendliness
  6. here is another map i made, it is designed to be very easy, but gets very hard really quickly if you dont utilize all the stuff the game gives you. you have just enough wood on the right side of the starting area to get to a forester, so you can choose the difficulty of this map yourself (for an easier start just use the left side wood as well). There are easy pumps and a lot of dammable rivers, a rather small starting area so you have to think vertical from the getgo and a lot of metal for bridges. the map is also designed to give perfect spots for dynamiting while still having a somewhat nat
  7. this is just a fun little map i created, there is an abundance of resources so there should not be any worries whatsoever. be careful tho with flooding, there is a strength 13 water source on the hill ying-yang 128x128.json
  8. zombee

    [64x64] valley

    You've found quite a beautiful strip of land, filled with green and with plenty of resources. From the ruins of the old can only imagine how these lands looked like. The skyscrapers overlooking the waterfront, long beaches where tourism thrives and some old mines up in the mountains. That era though has long gone. But at second glance you notice something peculiar. There are already some dams, probably established in a past effort made to recolonize these lands, warning you about the difficulties that lie and wait. However there is no more time to reconsider. The first droughts await and
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